Saturday, August 29, 2009


I just played in my first Texas Hold-em poker tournament. It was held by our squadron as a fund-raiser for a charity started by the family of one of our helicopter crew that was shot down in Iraq in 2007. The buy in was $50 and there were 101 players at 10 tables to start. After 4 hours, I made it to the final table, beating out 91 other players. I won the first hand, and then lost on the second - I went all-in with a pair of 7's, but the other guy had a pair of 10's. So, I came in 10th, out of 101. Only the last 5 were in the money, so Ijust missed it. But it was for a good cause and I had a good time. Chilis and Pechanga Casino sponsored the event, so we had plenty of food and it ended up being a really great event. After the 5 top players were paid, we had raised $3200 for the charity. A good day.

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Crusty Granny said...

Good Job, Sarg!