Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Good news! I had 193 days off this year while working 172. My goal was to just break even, but my surgery and Faithy's hospital stay put me several days over. In addition, I got selected for Master Sergeant!

All of this validates my philosophy of "work less, delegate more, but when you do work, make it focused and efficient - no wasting time" that I have adapted at work.

In addition, I finished 5 college classes with 4 A's and 1 B (algebra-ugh!).

I have also taken up Texas No-Limit Hold-Em Poker online and played in several live tournaments at Pechanga Casino. I made it to the final table my very first time and made $220. Since then I have played 4 more times, each time getting knocked out with about 40-50 people left (each tournament has an average of 180-220 players.

Online, I am playing $0.25 and $1 tournaments and scraping a small profit. I was averaging about $2 profit per game for a couple of months, but had a bit of a downswing (called variance) at the beginning of December. Looks as though I have played through that now, and have made $13.71 over the last 6 games in the past few days.

Goals for 2010
  • Make $50 per month from online poker
  • Work days/Off days 183/182
  • 6 College classes

Happy New Year!!