Sunday, February 14, 2010

1st Place & Valentine's Day

Last night I played in a Texas Hold-em poker tournament at a friend's home and crushed the competition to take 1st place, for a tidy profit of $100. We started with 11 players buying in for $20 each and a little over two hours later I brought home my Valentine's Day present for my wifey - mo' money! Now that is love...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Although I hate to change goals once they have been set, if the goals are no longer realistic, then there is no point in keeping them as they are.

I had set goals for 2010 of having 182 days off, 6 college classes, and making $50 a month from on-line Texas Hold-Em poker.

When I got selected for promotion to Master Sergeant, I also received orders to a helo squadron deploying this time next year. What that means is that I will not have time the second half of this year to take much time off at all, and that after my one planned spring class, I will not have time for any more this year.

I am currently taking two classes, so that will make three for the year after my spring class. Nothing else to add there.

I think I could easily not work for 140 days this year, so I will shoot for 155. That means 210 days of work. Terrible, but realistic.

As far as poker goes, January can be marked as a FAIL. I didn't get to play much and ended up down a couple of dollars. I don't think I have the time (I hate even writing it) to play enough $1 games to make $50 per month. I am going to adjust this to $25 per month. Still a tough goal, but more realistic.

So, to summarize:
  • $25/month from poker
  • 155 days off

That is only two goals, soI need another challenge. I will think on it and let you know.