Saturday, June 12, 2010


Now that summer is here, I'll review spring for your reading pleasure.

I started a new job at a new squadron and it is proving to be a challenge. We have a very busy schedule for the rest of the year and lots of personnel and aircraft issues. I enjoy the challenge and won't be bored any time soon.

Progress with my knee recovery is going nicely and I would say that I am at about 75-80% with my overall fitness level compared to pre-injury.

Days off (90) to days worked (74) ratio is about as good as it is going to get - just not many opportunities to take off this year.

As far as Texas Hold-Em poker goes, I am ahead of schedule for my $25/month goal. This is due mainly to a live 150-man tournament I played in last week. I made it to the final table and after knocking out 1 player, the remaining 9 of us split the winnings, so I walked out with $220 after a $25 buy-in. Online poker has been up and down, with no real progress for May and the beginning of June, so it was nice to cash in the live event. I do feel I am constantly getting better, especially at the live events.

I finished my Trigonometry class and that will be the last class until next fall. That puts me at 75 credits and I just don't have the time or energy to get any more classes done this year with our very aggressive schedule at work.

The kids have finished school and are moving on to 4th and 1st grade. Crazy kids keep growing. Faith is doing well and has progressed so much this past year, she suprises us all the time. Dylan blew through 3rd grade like it was nothing, and is ready for some summertime fun.

Mommy keeps it all together for us and I am grateful for it. She does a great job as social director, chef, chauffer, and reality checker. We would be a mess without her. She has begun organizing activities for her circle of friends to go and do together, so I think that helps to keep her from going crazy taking care of us.

Looks like a new TV is going to be needed soon, since our current one in the family room is dying. I really want a 46" LED, but may have to go with LCD instead, since LED is still a little pricey, and we still need to put in some new carpet in the house and concrete outside. Expensive summer coming!

But summer IS here and it is my second favorite time of the year (after Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years season - love it) so it is time to get started, maybe with some 80's re-make movies like the A-Team (awesome) and The Karate Kid...