Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So now I am in Yuma...

As I entered the city limits yesterday, I glanced up at my outside temp gauge and it read a balmy 109. Perfect. Starting off my stay in Yuma the right way.

Good thing they had us check in yesterday. This morning (Tuesday) I went to a (mandatory) meeting and was told to be at another meeting TOMORROW morning. That was it! Done for the day!

We (about 40 of us from all over the world) had to be here on Monday to spend 15 minutes checking in, go to a 15 minute meeting on Tuesday, and now another meeting Wednesday morning. Who says the government isn't efficient?

On the brighter side of things, the Cowboys were victorious Monday night. Just one more in the win column on the road to Super Bowl win #6.

All of this on the day my little Faithy has a fractured wrist. I was feeling pretty quilty about having to go out of town after that. Such is the life of a defender of freedom...

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