Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shopping and other adventures

So I went to the commissary here on base (in Yuma) and did some grocery shopping. Now, the purpose of grocery shopping, is, as we all know, to save some coin rather than eating out all the time. The problem we, as defenders of freedom, have is that our refrigerators in our lavish suites are the little ones that stand about 2-3 feet high. Worse, we have to share that space with a roommate who feels that he needs to eat also. So, the whole exercise of buying food in bulk to save some coin is rendered moot. Buying food that needs to refrigerated or frozen and then not being able to store it because of lack of storage space in the ‘frige is a little…aggravating.

While we are discussing the commissary and shopping, let me take this opportunity to write about yet another fascinating observation I have made during my trip (as well as other trips to the commissary over the years). Note: I am a big fan of social experiments – both reading about them and instigating them – and a large part of my blogging will be about these experiences.

Anyway, I am sure everyone has been shopping at the grocery store or Wal-Mart, Target, Cost-Co, Sam’s, etc. Further, I am sure everyone has at one time or another (or always?) left their shopping cart in a convenient location other than back in the store or in the collection points strategically placed around the parking lot. In fact, that seems to the rule rather than the exception. I would venture to say that unless the collection point is within 2-3 car lengths, we aren’t going to walk our lazy butts WAY OVER THERE and put it where it belongs.

Now, this doesn’t happen at the commissary on base. The carts, in my 16 years of observation, are always returned to the collection points, be they in the parking lot or in front of the store. This is fascinating (to me). Even more fascinating, I myself, am guilty of being lazy out in town, but not on base. Today I pushed an empty cart about 50 yards in 105 degree heat back to the front of the store. No way anyone is going to do that out in town! I can probably safely say that I am not the only one guilty of being lazy out in town, but not on base. Why is that?

Now, I can understand having little kids and not wanting to leave them, but what about when we don’t have them, or those who just never have kids? Can someone explain to me why that is? There are no “cart police” on base. Fascinating. I love it.

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A Sassy Chick said...

Hey, I put my cart back every chance I can! Actually, I try to park next to one of the cart returns so that I can. I guess this makes me a model citizen. :)
I know, I'm a rockstar!