Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Busy summer! I spent 5 weeks in 29 Palms, CA where it was an average 114 degrees every day. After coming home for a couple of days, I then went to Seattle - and Holly was able to fly up and meet me for a weekend - now I am finally back just in time for the kids to start school.

I did end up getting a new 55" TV at the beginning of summer, so that was a nice Fathers Day gift. Too bad I haven't been home much to use it.

I won another $200 in another live poker tournament. As in June, there were about 150 entrants. That makes over $500 from live play alone this year, so I have already smashed my goal of making $25 a month from poker for the year. I have also scratched out a small profit online over the summer. Everything for the rest of the year is gravy.

Time off is about as good as it is going to get. Not much I can do about that - just too busy at work.

My physical fitness was getting better (recovering from ACL surgery), but I have slacked off the last 2 months, so I regressed a little. I am about to get back oon track with that now that my schedule will be normal for a few weeks.

How's that Obama vote working out for you?

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