Wednesday, May 20, 2009


17 years ago today I began the 3 month transformation from nasty-puke-civilian to superhero. Only 3 more years of saving the world (part-time of course) and then I can rest.


Crusty Granny said...

I LOVE YOU, GUNNY!!! I'll never forget the day Aunt Edyth and I took you to the recruiters office, I cried all the way home, thought you were gone forever and I'd never see you again. But, instead, I am filled everyday with how you've become a PROUD MARINE, GREAT FATHER, AND WONDERFUL HUSBAND. That swells Mama's heart, guess old Dad and I did do something good, after all! See you soon!

Crusty Granny said...

Oh, by the way, be carefull who you call "nasty-puke-civilian"; I'll have to hit you with some "Mom Spit"!!!