Monday, December 29, 2008


  • The Cowboys ended their pathetic season with an even more pathetic game last Sunday. No playoffs. The entire coaching staff needs to be replaced, or next year will look the same.
  • The MRI on my knee shows a torn ACL, strained MCL, torn meniscus, tibia and femur contusions, and a cyst from the goo leaking. Surgery is in my future...
  • I don't really do New Years Resolutions, but this year I do have a goal - to have my days off work equal the days I do work. Here is how it breaks down :

365 days in the year

-104 weekend days

-30 vacation days (I can take more - that is just what we "earn" each year)

-17 days off for federal holidays

- 1 day off for the Marine Corps Ball

= 213 WORK DAYS & 152 DAYS OFF

The GOAL is to get that as close to 182.5 & 182.5 as possible. So I have to figue out how to get 30 more days off to meet the actual goal. Of course my knee surgery will help (there's the optimistic view), and I can take more vacation days, as long as it gets approved.

I will keep a tracker so you can see my progress, Mr. Taxpayer! It's good to have goals...

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