Friday, October 31, 2008


That is too long for anyone to have to endure in Yuma.

Well, I'm back home now, just in time to save mommy from going stark-raving-mad and to see how many lemmings are going to vote for Mr O. It should be highly entertaining.

Things I want to do now that I'm home, in no particular order:

(1) make salsa (experimenting with new item in it also) (DONE!)
(2) remove all the old hangars from closet and install all the new ones I bought (very exciting)
(3) catch up on Boston Legal from this season (one of only two shows I will watch)
(4) wrestle with Dylan (I still win, but he is getting closer) (DONE!)
(5) watch Faithy practice walking (DONE!)
(6) aggravate mommy (I do this by eating small bites out of whatever is lying around (very entertaining) (DONE!)
(7) avoid going to work as long as possible (thanks taxpayer!) (IN PROCESS)

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